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TRUTH and insanity March 3, 2012

Posted by aldelsol in FUTURE, TRUTH.

The greatest danger

Had there not always been a majority of men who regarded the cultivation of their mind – their “rationality” – as their pride, their obligation, their virtue, and who were embarrassed and ashamed by all fantasizing and debauchery of thought, being the friend of “healthy common sense”, humanity would have perished long ago.

The greatest danger that hovered and still hovers  over humanity is the outbreak of madness (insanity) : it is precisely the outbreak of arbitrariness in feeling, seeing and hearing; the enjoyment in the lack of discipline of the mind, the joy in human unreason. It is not  TRUTH  and CERTAINTY  that is the antithesis of the world of the insane, but the universality and all-obligatoriness  of a belief, in short the non-voluntariness in forming opinions. And the greatest labour of human  beings so far has always been to reach agreement about very many things and to impose upon themselves a law of agreement – regardless of whether these things are TRUE or FALSE.

This is the discipline of the mind which has preserve humanity; but counter-impulses are still so powerful that one can really speak of the future mankind with little confidence. The ideas of things still continually shift and move, and will perhaps alter more than ever in the future; it is continually the most selected spirits themselves who strive against universal obligatoriness – the investigators of truth above all.

The accepted belief, as the belief of all the world, continually engender a disgust and a new longing in the more ingenious minds; and already the slow tempo which it demands for all spiritual process ( the imitation of the tortoise, which is here recognize as the rule) makes the artists and poets deserters: it is in these impatient minds in whom a veritable delight in madness breaks out, because madness has such a cheerful tempo!

Virtuous intellects, therefore are needed-ah! I want to use the least ambiguous word- virtuous stupidity is needed, imperturbable conductors of the slow spirit are needed, so that the believers of the great common faith stay together and go on dancing their dance : it is a necessity of the first importance that here commands and demands. We others are the exception and the danger – Now there is certainly something to be said for the exception, provided it never wants to become the rule.




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