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Langage and TRUTH February 29, 2012

Posted by aldelsol in TRUTH.

…In such things we ought to think with the Learned, and speak with the Vulgar. They who to Demonstration are convinced of the truth of the Copernican System, do nevertheless say the Sun rises, the Sun sets, or comes to the Meridian: And if they affected a contrary Stile in common talk, it would without doubt appear very ridiculous.

A little Reflexion on what is here said will make it manifest, that the common use of Language would receive no manner of Alteration or Disturbance from the Admission of our Tenets.

 In the ordinary Affairs of Life, any Phrases may be retained, so long as they excite in us proper Sentiments, or Dispositions to act in such a manner as is necessary for our well-being, how false soever they may be, if taken in a strict and speculative Sense. Nay this is unavoidable, since Propriety being regulated by Custom, Language is suited to the received Opinions, which are not always the truest.

Human Knowledge – 51



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